Thursday, May 19, 2016

What An Employment Lawyer Can Do For You

An employment lawyer offers a wide range of services to protect your rights in the workplace. If you have any issues or disputes, a lawyer can assist you in the following ways:


An employer may not discriminate against you with regards to your age, gender, race, religion, disabilities or familial ties. You could be the victim of discrimination if an employer:

  • Employs a candidate who is less qualified than you for discriminatory reasons.
  • Overlooks you for a promotion.
  • Does not offer you the same salary and benefits as other employees who are fulfilling the same tasks in the workplace.
  • Dismisses you for reasons of discrimination.

In these cases, an employment lawyer can provide you with means to protect your employment or can assist you in claiming compensation for the discriminatory act. The employer will also be open to additional penalties should they be found guilty of discriminatory acts in the workplace.

Workers' Compensation

Your employer needs to provide you with compensation for any injury that occurs in the workplace related to medical expenses, loss of income or any other costs related to the injury. Employers normally have insurance to cover worker's compensation claims which means that most of these types of claims are resolved and settled by lawyers for the insurance provider.

In the event that there is any dispute regarding the claim, your employment lawyer has the expertise and knowledge to fight large corporations and law firms to ensure that you are provided adequate compensation. Disputes could arise from non-payment of the claim or where the claim is only settled in part, not covering your total expenses.

Unfair Dismissal

In the event that your employer terminates your employment, they need to provide a valid reason for the dismissal and follow a specific legal termination procedure. If they do not do so, you have the right to sue them for unfair dismissal where your employment will need to be re-instated or you will be awarded compensation for an unfair dismissal.

An employment lawyer can help you determine whether you have been unfairly dismissed as well as evaluate the best means of resolution for you. In some cases, it may be more beneficial not to have your employment re-instated but to settle for fair compensation.

Rights In The Workplace

Your employer is obligated to provide you with certain legal rights in the workplace. These can include a safe and secure work environment, regular breaks, ensuring that you are fairly compensated for your work regularly, provide adequate leave, supply you with a payslip, etc.

If you feel that any of your employment rights are being infringed on, you can consult a lawyer to help identify your rights and determine the ways in which these can be legally remedied. Your lawyer will ensure that your employment is protected should you decide to legally challenge your employer's responsibility to provide these rights. In other words, your employer will not be able to dismiss you for entering a complaint.

When To Hire A Workplace Lawyer

Being injured in the workplace or having other problems such as with discrimination you may need to hire a workplace attorney. You're going to need to do some research on this to get familiar with what you can expect. Then you can get either a settlement to help get your bills paid as a result of what happened.

Workplaces have to be setup in the right way or someone could get hurt. If you feel like the way you were working caused you to get hurt because safety measures weren't followed, you're going to have a strong case. You may want to get a smart phone or something like a digital camera to take photos of the area. Don't think that you can get away with hurting yourself on purpose or something of that nature, but do prepare yourself for the case by collecting some evidence.

The attorney is going to have to have done this kind of work for people before. Otherwise they may just be a general attorney which means they're going to look up what they need to do as they go along. While this may be all good for you to have help with from someone that's not trained, that's never the case and you must find someone that studies and works in this kind of law field often. That way, you're not stuck with someone basically doing what you can do for yourself such as looking up laws and filling out basic paperwork for you.

Attorneys are generally going to allow for you to take a break and let you know what they need. That way, you're not going to have to do a ton of research on what the laws are or have to go around collecting paperwork. The right way to go about this is to make sure that you work with an attorney that is willing to put in the time for you and doesn't keep you in the dark. Try contacting them a few times before you completely sign up to see if they at least have a secretary or another way to get messages to them quickly.

Will you be able to trust what you read on the Internet about the laws in your area? This is something that a lot of people have trouble with; they think that what they read online is the truth no matter where they find it. The only way you can trust in what you read is to know if it came from a lawyer recently. If you're not speaking with a lawyer that you know is able to answer your questions because they practice in your state, don't take it as gospel.

A workplace attorney is going to help you in a bad situation related to where you work. You will always benefit from doing the needed research on this matter. Being able to be safe where you work is always a good thing, so be aware of your options if something goes wrong.